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Papers On Business - Management
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Building an Effective Communications Plan Within an Organization
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This 6 page report discusses an organization (a large insurance company) that has recently experienced a communication audit that has shown the company is not appropriately addressing internal communication problems. The point is made that at its most fundamental core, the issue is one of establishing and maintaining effective communication and positive employee relations is much more than just newsletters and memos. It is a process that requires establishing relationships with various groups within the organization and then openly communicating with those groups. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWaudcom.rtf

Building An Effective Organization: Hospital
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An 11 page paper. The writer begins by defining what an organization is and describing an organization's purpose. The rest of the paper uses organizational theory and applies it to building and managing an effective and successful hospital. Strategic planning and management are at the core of building an effective organization, regardless of the industry. This paper uses these in relation to hospitals. Bibliography lists 11 sources. 2 illustrations are included.
Filename: PGhosp3.msw

Building an Effective Technology Support Team
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This 5 page paper discusses some of the factors that are involved in building an effective IT support team, as well as problems that can arise from a personality clash. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: HVBildIT.rtf

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This 12-page paper describes the creating of an ethical organization, including codes of conduct and oversite. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: MTbeuthiorg.rtf

Building Customer Loyalty Through Loyalty and Reward Schemes
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This 17 page paper looks at the way that companies try and create loyal customers with the use of reward schemes. The paper looks at the use of reward or loyalty schemes, how and why they have become so popular and the way loyalty is seen in the real world, including the idea of polygamous loyalty and the way they may support brand values and their potential to provide differentiation. The bibliography cites 22 sources.
Filename: TEloyalcust.rtf

Building Relationships in Wholesale Insurance
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A 5 page paper discussing conditions in the wholesale life insurance (annuity) industry. Brokers and advisors licensed to sell insurance products are required to accumulate a prescribed number of continuing education (CE) credits each year, and many wholesalers provide CE courses that can satisfy those requirements. It appears that wholesalers offering this service to those selling its products gain higher levels of business than those that do not. The purpose here is to assess whether such is the case, and why it might be so. The paper concludes that the practice is an example of effective customer relationship management (CRM). Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: KSmktgInsCRM.rtf

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