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Papers On Environmental Issues & Ecology
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Fire and the Evolution of Plants
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A 10 page overview of the effects of fire on the evolutionary paths of plants. Gives specific adaptations to morphology and reproductive strategies with a specific emphasis on aspen, Populus tremuloides. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: PPplntEv.wps

Fire Ants -- Environmental / Agricultural Destruction In The U.S.
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An 11 page paper discussing fire ants. The writer explains what is being done to combat the dangerous and destructive insects. Bibliography lists 14 sources.
Filename: Fireants.wps

Fire Fighters of the Future
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This 8 page paper provides an analysis of an article concerning the future of fire fighting and the future in general. Arguments are made concerning the way things are headed as the world enters a new century. Of major interest is the division between those who believe volunteerism coupled with community life is more advantageous than technological growth. An annotated bibliography is included as a part of the paper. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: SA34Fire.wps

Fire Industry Management
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A 5 page paper which discusses some of the management issues concerning the fire industry. One of the examples provided illustrates how the management techniques used by the fire industry are used by the private business sector, clearly indicating that management in the fire industry is a very serious and thoroughly examined reality. Bibliography lists 15 sources.
Filename: RAfiremng.doc

Firefighter Safety: Hazardous Materials
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5 pages in length. There are a number of on-the-job hazards for firefighters, not the least of which includes the possibility of contamination from hazardous materials. In order to offset the chance, protective uniforms and equipment are employed to effectively shield the firefighter from any toxic fumes. The first priority when encountering any field emergency is to assess the safety of the fire scene and whether or not the source of the fire is from any sort of hazardous materials. The writer discusses how this makes a special set of assessment skills and protocols a requirement for as a means by which to determine firefighter safety. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLCfiref.doc

Firefighters And Minorities
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A 7 page research paper that examines the position held by African-Americans in the nation's fire departments. The writer argues that how a minority experiences employment as a firefighter is largely based on their gender, not their race. Research indicates that while male African-Americans may still have to fight for advancement within fire departments, their right to be there is no longer an issue, while the presence of women, black or white, is still very much resented. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: Firemino.doc

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