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Papers On Health
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Article Critique/Waiting for Bypass Surgery
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A 4 page article critique of a study conducted by McHugh, et al (2001) concerning a nursing intervention for patients waiting for coronary artery bypass graft surgery. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khcabg.rtf

Article Critique/Where Terminally Ill Prefer to Die
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A 6 page article critique that examines a study by Tang (2003) that investigates the preferences of terminal cancer patients for their place of death and also to identify the reasons for selecting this location and to discern the importance for the patient of being able to die in the location that the patient prefers. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khtang.rtf

Article Critique: Television And Childhood Obesity
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6 pages in length. The fundamental basis this article addresses is that children who spend too much time watching television and playing games are prone to obesity due to the sedentary nature of these activities. Utilizing Bandura's social cognitive theory and citing decreased passive activity in exchange for increased physical activity and improved dietary intake, Robinson provides significant and informative information for the health of today's younger generation. The article cites a randomized controlled school-based trial that includes two sociodemographically and scholastically equal public elementary schools where participants were examined with regard to their respective and collective television, videotape and video game habits. Findings indicate that sedentary children in the intervention group had statistically significant relative decreases in body mass index. No additional sources cited.
Filename: TLCTVobs.wps

Article Review
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This 12 page paper reviews and critiques the article by DiLorenzo (et al, 2004) entitled “Comparison of Older and Younger Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A Preliminary Investigation”, published in Rehabilitation Psychology in May 2004. The critique considers the overall presentation of the ape and looks at the methodology in-depth, before assessing the conclusions and considering how the conclusions may be used. The bibliography cites 15 sources.
Filename: TEMSreview.rtf

Article Review/Presence of Nurse during Childbirth
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A 5 page article review that summarizes the principal points of a research study, offering analysis. Research pertaining to childbirth and the significance that this life events has for women supports the pivotal role that nursing support plays in the birth experience. Exploring this topic, the study designed by MacKinnon, McIntyre, and Quance (2005) investigated the what it meant to a study group of Canadian women to have a nurse present during labor and childbirth. These researchers decided to approach the issue of a nurse's role during labor from a previously unexplored perspective and focused on the meaning attributed to nursing presence. This examination of this study explores the parameters of this research and its relevance to nursing practice. No additional sources cited.
Filename: khobnur.rtf

Article Review: Nosocomial Infection
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An 8 page paper reviewing a review of four studies. Beyea (2003) provides abstracts of four studies published in 2002, all of which address the issue of nosocomial infection control. Though each study takes place in different settings and uses several different approaches, each focuses on informing efforts to control the spread of nosocomial infection in the hospital setting. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
Filename: KSnursArtRevInf.rtf

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