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Papers On History
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Causes & Effects Of Rapid Urbanization In 19th Century America
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This 8 page paper discusses the causes of rapid urbanization during the last half of the 19th century, with an emphasis on the last decades of that century. The writer explains there were many factors contributing to the exploding population in cities, including industrialization and immigration. Comments regarding the factors involved in industrialization allow the connection to be made between urbanization and industrialization. Data regarding the population of cities, particularly New York and data regarding immigration are provided. The writer also discusses the consequences of urbanization, such as corruption, unsanitary living conditions and other effects. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PG19urb.rtf

Causes and Effects of the Cold War
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In five pages this paper examines the Cold War’s causes and effects. One source is listed in the bibliography.
Filename: TGcoldwar.rtf

Causes and Effects of the Mexican-American War
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This 4 page paper discusses the causes and effects of the Mexican-American War. It argues that the basic causes were the Westward expansion of the United States and the annexation of Texas; effects include a huge increase in size, but unfortunately, increased tension between the two countries. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: HVMxAmWr.rtf

Causes Leading To The Revolutionary War
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All too often, our contemporary media portrays the American Revolutionary War as a relatively brief and glorious fight for Independence from British taxation. In reality, it was for at least a century and a half prior to the onset of Revolutionary conflict that the forthcoming war was foreshadowed through economic struggle, political instability, and an increasing distance between the needs of the American people and the desires of the British crown. This 4 page essay describes the tensions from as far back as1632 with the Maryland Charter, up through the Navigation Acts (1660s), the Hat Act (1730s), etc; No Bibliography.
Filename: Revoessa.doc

Causes of ‘The Great War’ (World War I) and Why the U.S. Became Involved
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A 3 page paper which examines what caused the First World War, and why the U.S. became involved in what was essentially a European conflict. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: TGgreatwar.rtf

Causes Of The American Civil War
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A 5 page paper. Slavery is most often cited as the cause of the American Civil War but like any war, there were a number of underlying causes besides the issue of slavery. The Northern and Southern states had been in conflict since before the Constitution was signed in 1789. A number of formal compromises had eased the tension but it began to flare up again in the early 1800s. This paper discusses the three primary reasons for the tension between the North and the South. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PGcivwr.doc

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