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Papers On European History
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Italy's Attractiveness for Multinational Enterprises
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A 13 page paper discussing the current business climate in light of the nation's history, government structure and preparedness of the population to support the needs of the multinational enterprise. Italy has a dynamic and growing economy, which has largely been an outgrowth of Italy's determination to join the European Monetary Union in the first round. The nation had to meet rigid economic conditions and found it necessary to turn away from political upheaval in order to work for the first-round EU membership that it gained for itself. The paper concludes that Italy does indeed provide a favorable environment for the multinational enterprise. Bibliography lists 11 sources in 18 endnotes.
Filename: KS-Italy2.wps

The European Union
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A 5 page paper which discusses the European Union as seen through the eyes of prominent leaders in Europe. The essays are 'Reflections on European Policy' by Wolfgang Schauble and Karl Lamers, and 'A Family of Nations' by Margaret Thatcher. The articles are individually presented, presented in their varying differences of approach, and then discussed in terms of how the two points of view could perhaps come to some compromise and reach common ground. No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAthatchr.wps

The Final Transformation Of Cabinet Government Into Prime Ministerial Government: How Valid In The Late 1990s?
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7 pages in length. The factors most important in the determination of how valid this form of government had come to be in the late 1990s have been characterized as being both visionary (Thatcher) and weak (Major). As well, some critics have contended that the concept of balance of power has been completely misconstrued, compelling the political alterations that ultimately took place; however, still others believe that a combination of personalities and political forces proved to undermine the existence of cabinet government. The writer discusses how British government has fared in the transition from cabinet to prime ministerial. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: TLCprime.doc

The Riots of the 1980's in the United Kingdom; The Political Causes
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The United Kingdom saw a outbreak in violent riots during the 1980's. This 8 page paper considers the reasons behind this civil unrest. The way in which violence as a direct form of protest is used, and the underlying reasons for its sudden adoption are examined. The role of the Conservative government and Margaret Thatcher are seen to play pivotal roles. The bibliography cites 6 sources.
Filename: TEbririo.wps

Nationalism in Remarque, Kipling, and Treitschke
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A 6 page paper arguing that nationalism arises from a widespread sense of, not pride and security, but shame or fear. Works discussed include Kipling’s “The White Man’s Burden” and Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front.” Bibliography lists three sources.
Filename: KBkip.wps

Comparing and Contrasting Maximilien Robespierre and Erich Maria Remarque
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A 6 page paper which compares and contrasts the 18th century French political revolutionary and zealot, Maxmilien Robespierre, with controversial 20th century German author and renowned pacifist Erich Maria Remarque. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TGrobrem.rtf

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