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Papers On Literature
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Lorraine Hansberry's 'Raisin In The Sun' / Family Values & Morals
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A 7 page essay on Hansberry's 'Raisin In the Sun' in which the writer argues that there exists an ongoing struggle to come to grips with family values and morals in the story. Throughout the paper, the point is illustrated that every character seems to demonstrate some individual type of pride. Quotes from the book are used to support thesis.
Filename: Raisin2.wps

Lorraine Hansberry's 'Raisin In The Sun' / Theme Of Maturity
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A 5 page paper examining the theme of prolonged adolescence in Lorraine Hansberry's play. The paper asserts that Walter Younger bought into the white world's common view of the black male as inferior, and this was replicated in his family situation through the way he acts toward his female family members. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Sunrais.wps

Lorraine Hansberry's 'Raisin In The Sun' / Women In The Play
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A 5 page analysis of the award-winning play by Lorraine Hansberry. The writer discusses the in which Hansberry uses the female characters in the play both to define the central male character and to comment on African-American life at that time. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Raiswom.wps

Lorraine Hansberry's 'Raisin in the Sun'/ Struggle & Survival
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A 7 page analysis of the award-winning play by Lorraine Hansberry. The writer demonstrates how this story of an African-American family's struggle for survival during the 1950s reflects how all humans can persevere against all odds with the aid and support of families and family values. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: Raisins.wps

Money and Material Happiness in Lorraine Hansberry's 'Raisin in the Sun'
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This 5 page report discusses the attitude of the play's main character, Walter Lee Younger, and his belief that only enough money and possessions can make him and his family happy and successful leads only to disaster. He learns that much greater values are at stake than simply having the most 'stuff.' No secondary sources.
Filename: BWraisin.rtf

Real Life Parallels in Hansberry’s “Raisin in the Sun”
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A 9 page paper analyzing the extent to which the events of Lorraine Hansberry’s play “Raisin in the Sun” parallel both her own life and the social climate of the 1950s. The play argues that the play cuts across economic lines to bind all black people together in recognition of the complex ramifications of discrimination. Bibliography lists 7 sources, six of which follow paper.
Filename: KBhansb.wps

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