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Papers On Alternative Medicine & Holistic Approaches
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Complimentary Alternative Medicine
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An 8 page review of the state of knowledge regarding CAM. This paper addresses the question of "whether or not people who use complementary alternative medicine heal better and faster than people who use western medicine exclusively". Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: PPmedCAM3.rtf

Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM): Definition and Factors Influencing Acceptance
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A 4 page overview of CAM and its status in modern U.S. medicine. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: PPmedCAM4.rtf

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
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This 4 page paper examines CAM and looks at reasons for its promotion as well as reasons for criticisms against it. Several things are discussed including the influence of the media. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: SA407CAM.rtf

Complimentary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine (CAM)
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A 5 page definition of complimentary, alternative and integrative medicine (CAM). This paper addresses the factors that have promoted the popularity and use of CAM as well as the factors that hinder its acceptance. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: PPmedCAM2.rtf

Cost Effective Measures in Maintenance of Mental Health Treatments and Possible Alternative Therapies
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This is a 7 page paper discussing cost effective measures in mental health treatment. The Surgeon General in the United States has issued a report which estimates that “one out of every five Americans suffers from some form of mental disorder with direct and indirect costs to society totaling nearly $200 billion a year”. In addition to the number of those considered affected by a mental health illness within the country, the range and diagnoses of mental health illnesses vary a great deal. While those with severe mental health conditions may be able to be “reliably” diagnosed and treated in the medical community, there are those who cannot afford medical mental health treatment as they may be uninsured and there are also those who may be less easily diagnosed or may be associated with mental disorders which relate to alcoholism and/or substance abuse therefore creating a large and diverse population in need of mental health care. The mental health community has also come to the realization that mental health care treatment costs are escalating while funding is not, resulting in mental health professionals seeking other more cost-effective treatments for their patients but treatments which must also maintain the effectiveness of traditional treatment as well. Since alternate treatments have been studied in the past decade, it has been found that while many alternative treatments are cost-effective, many are also as effective as traditional treatments and some have proven more-effective than traditional therapies. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: TJmhcst1.rtf

Cranial Osteopathy - An Overview
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Cranial Osteopathy – An Overview: This 6-page essay details the most current information relevant to Cranial Osteopathy. This form of alternative medicine is espoused as a reliable treatment for vast numbers of physiological ailments that are ‘failed’ by standard medical therapies. Nonetheless, it remains wholly unproven. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SNCranos.doc
Filename: SNCranos.doc

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