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Papers On Mythology
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Early Christianity/A Mix of Myth
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A 4 page research paper that which addresses traditional Christian dogma that asserts that the Bible is literally true and that the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection are unique. However, examination of ancient myth and Jewish tradition shows that this is not the case. Early Christians not only drew heavily on Hebrew scripture in describing the life of Christ, they also borrowed heavily from the pagan religions that they presumed to abhor. It seems reasonable to presume that this practice gave the new religion a ring of authenticity with various populations as it was not very different from the religions that preceded it. Bibliography lists 9 sources.
Filename: khchmyth.rtf

Edith Hamilton/Mythology
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This 5 page paper dicusses Edith Hamilton's book, Mythology. It talks about how she presents Greek mythology, and the different stories that involve it. 1 source cited.
Filename: 90myth.rtf

Egyptian Journey to the Afterlife
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A 15 page discussion of the critical components of the ancient Egyptian's belief in an afterlife. Notes that much of our contemporary knowledge regarding ancient Egyptian culture is based on archaeological findings. Among the most interesting of these findings are those which relate to the elaborate worship rituals of the Egyptians, rituals which to a large degree were comprised of those relating to death and the afterlife. Provides an overview of Egyptian belief, preparation for the afterlife, mummification, the preparation of the body, rituals instructing the dead, the tombs, and ceremonies. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PPegyDth.wps

Essays on Mythology
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A 6 page paper consists of 2 essays (3 pages each). The first essay discusses the applicability of the creation myth in Genesis and the myth of Prometheus to modern society. The second essay discusses the value of African wisdom proverbs. No bibliography provided.
Filename: khafmyth.rtf

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A 5 page paper discussing the relevancy of time and eternity in relationship to a supreme being, or God. The issues discussed are essentially based on the essay titled 'Timeless Eternity' by Brain Davies. The theories discussed address the essential quality of time which is a highly opinionated reality. If time is nothing more than an illusion then God does not exist in any form within such confines as a time frame. The theories addressed within Davies essay are all essentially confining the divine essence and the subject of eternity within human ideas which address the reality of time. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Divetern.wps

Euripides' "Medea" And Seneca's "Medea": Compare/Contrast
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5 pages in length. Both Seneca and Euripides envisioned something different when they each penned their individual version of Medea. That Euripides put forth a decidedly more humane and sensitive version illustrates how Seneca took her fundamental character and transformed it into an unsavory, vengeful sorcerer. Clearly, Seneca's Medea boasts a more defiant, anger characterization than does Euripides, asserting an obvious contempt for Medea in particular, as well as women in general. Contrarily, Euripides' Medea tells of a genuine love that is torn apart by greed and blind ambition; had it not been for Jason's impetuosity, Medea would have had no reason to utilize her magical abilities in such a vengeful fashion. The message that such vast difference says about each culture speaks to the issue of patriarchal control. No additional sources cited.
Filename: TLCmdea2.wps

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