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Papers On Philosophy Of Religion, God'S Existence & Freewill
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Cartesian Circle
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A paper which looks at the philosophical problems associated with the Cartesian circle, and some of the ways in which both Descartes and other thinkers attempted to resolve them. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: JLcirc.rtf

Cartesian Mind/Body Dualism
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A 5 page research paper/essay that examines what two articles say about dualism and Descartes and then offers the writer's personal observations. Dualism maintains that the mind and the body are distinctly separate entities (Calef). The dualism espoused by Rene Descartes expresses this philosophy in its "most radical form" (Palmer 114). First by looking at what author Donald Palmer has to say about dualism in his text Does the Center Hold? (1996) and then comparing this with further comment by Scott Calef of Ohio Wesleyan University, this examination lays the foundation for formulating personal observations on the validity of this philosophical perspective. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: khdual2.rtf

Chinese Humanism Regarding Heaven
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This 7 page paper argues that the approaches to Heaven are seen as being varied among the ancient Chinese philosophers, however, they shared a viewpoint based on humanistic principles similar to those proposed by Western philosophers of note. The basic form of understanding toward Heaven and a priori intervention is first presented by Confucius and then expanded or negated by philosophers who followed, specifically Xunzi, Zhuang Zi and Mo Zi. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: KTheaven.wps

Christian Responsibility - Abortion
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A 10 page paper that discusses the issue of abortion and Christian responsibility and most specifically, the stance of the Catholic Church on abortion. The writer begins with the number of abortions reported in the year 2000. One of the major points of controversy in civil life regarding abortion is 'viability' – at what age can the fetus live outside the womb. Legally, this is the moment the infant achieves status as a human being but what does the church say about this issue. It may surprise some to know the Catholic/Christian Church addressed this topic in the first century and has addressed it numerous times since. These documents are cited. Within the discussion of abortion, the writer discusses what conscience is, the formation of conscience, the moral life, and what happens when there is a conflict between one's conscience and the authority of the Church. bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: PGabrcth.rtf

Comparative Philosophy / Blatchford vs. Stace & Hempel vs. Pierce
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4 pages worth of philosophical essays comparing the theories of Blatchford with those of Stace on various issues concerning freewill, existence, determination, etc; Theories of Hempel and Pierce are discussed as well. No Bibliography.
Filename: Philosop.wps

Comparing and Contrasting Aristotle and Confucius:
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This 12 page paper examines the similarities and differences between the philosophies of Aristotle and Confucius. Specifically, this paper highlights their ideas on virtue and reason, which in both instances exist outside of a theological paradigm. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: GSArtCof.rtf

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