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Papers On More Philosophers & Philosophies
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Morality And God
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5 pages in length. Morality is possible only if there's a God, inasmuch as there exists no objectivity in the concept of morality; rather, it is merely a matter of opinion or feeling. Sure, people can reach consensus about empirical, scientific matters of fact. But moral matters aren't matters of fact. Indeed, people are bound to disagree with one another when it comes to issues of right and wrong, which ultimately avails only two options: one can either believe in God and know objective truth about morality, or one can abandon all belief in God as a means by which to allow the world to plummet straight into moral chaos. Can any individual truly want to live in a world in which morals are completely relative and anything is permissible? Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLC_God.wps

James Baldwin: His Life and Works
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6 pages. Explores the works of James Baldwin. James Baldwin was an American novelist, essayist, and dramatist who is recognized as one of the most important twentieth-century American writers. Baldwin’s influence in many of his works were the racial and sexual polarization in American society and they often served to challenge readers to confront their feelings about these subjects, thus helping them to resolve these differences. Bibliography lists 6 sources. JGAjbald.wps
Filename: JGAjbald.wps

The Concept of a 'Just War'
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18 pages on the concept of Just War and its relevant theory as explained and argued by St. Augustine and later by St. Aquinas. The writer also discusses some foundations of this theory in the works of Classic Greek and Roman philosophers as well. Just War during the Roman Empire is compared extensively to Just War during the Middle Ages. The writer concludes with a thoughtful opinion on the injustices of war in general-- except when used as a last resort in the manner specified by Aquinas. Augustine is denounced for his support of a justifiable 'unconditional' war and for doctrines which were clearly influenced by the State. No Bibliography.
Filename: Justwar.wps

Comparison Of Rousseau's & St. Augustine's Views On Human Nature
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In 5 pages, the writer compares the views on human nature of Saint Augustine in his 'Confessions', with Jean-Jacques Rousseau's views of nature in his 'Second Discourse'.
Filename: Hnature.wps

A Definition of Philosophy
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A 5 page paper discussing several points discussed by Stephen Clark, including discovering what philosophy is, definitions of reality and truth as they are used in philosophical discussions, how people tend to be alike whether drawn to philosophy or not and which of the ancient philosophers may have been closest to discovering truth. Bibliography lists 1 source.
Filename: Phildefi.wps

Friedrich Nietzsche -- “Art raises its head when religions relax their hold”
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This 12 page report discusses the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) who was fully convinced that one of the most destructive characteristic of Western culture is the self-deception caused by religion. One of Nietszche's fundamental contentions was that traditional values (represented primarily by Christianity) had lost their power in the lives of individuals. Art cannot flourish in such a situation and can only flow forth freely in the absence of religious constraints. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
Filename: BWartrel.wps

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