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Papers On Poetry
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Dylan Thomas' 'Under Milk Wood'/ Analysis
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A 3 page account of the death of innocence, inevitability of death and cycle of life, and love of women in Under Milk Wood as it relates to Dylan's personal outlook on life. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: Dylan2.wps

Thomas, Roethke, & Rich / Theme Of Struggle In Poetry
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A 6 page paper arguing that struggle and its resulting helplessness has value for both the observer and the participant as seen from the viewpoint of Dylan Thomas in 'Do not go..,' Roethke in 'My Papa's Waltz,' and Rich in '...Woman Mourned....' The paper discusses death, the dance of struggle, will(power), and helplessness as they relate to these three poems. No additional sources cited.
Filename: Thoroead.wps

'The Unities' Examined
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A 5 page paper which explains the importance and significance of 'The Unities' in the development of literary structure, as interpreted by Aristotle and John Dryden and its implications as to how people may read literature in the future. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: Unities.doc

John Dryden's 'Mac Flecknoe' -- How It Relates To Thomas Shadwell
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A 5 page paper that compares Dryden's development of the character of Mac Flecnoe which is a devastating attack on Thomas Shadwell, one of Dryden's contemporaries. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: Macfleck.wps

A Chance Encounter: Interpretations of First and Second Generation Romantic Poets
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A 7 page overview of the writing styles of five first and second generation Romantic poets, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelly and Byron. Provides a fictional account of a meeting between the men where they encounter a young girl in the woods. Curious as to the reasons for her presence and saddened by her rapid departure each man mentally plans a poem to relate the experience. The girl returns and chooses the man whose poem was the most accurate. Written in the form of a story, this paper gives the student insight as to the differences and similarities between the five poets. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: PPpoetry.wps

Death And Grieving In Wordsworth's Poems
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A 5 page paper analyzing two of Wordsworth's poems in Lyrical Ballads: 'We are Seven,' and 'Anecdote for Fathers' in terms of their logical sequence. The paper concludes that 'We Are Seven' logically follows 'Anecdote,' because the second poem builds and expands on the theme of the grieving process introduced in the first. Bibliography lists 3 sources.
Filename: Words3.rtf

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