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Papers On Political Science & Government
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“Profile of Bill Bradley”
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A nine page paper which offers a profile of New Jersey senator Bill Bradley, looking at his personal history, his political career, and his stance on issues such as finance, the environment, education, gun control, drugs, global economics and international trade. Bibliography lists 7 sources
Filename: JLbradley.wps

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A five page paper which looks at the status of refugees and the problems which are faced both by the refugee communities and the host countries in which they are temporarily resident. Bibliography lists 5 sources
Filename: JLrefugee.rtf

“Reinventing Government” and “You Won Now What?”
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A 10 page paper which compares “Reinventing Government” by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler with “You Won Now What?” by Taegan Goddard and Christopher Riback. Bibliography lists 3 additional sources.
Filename: RAreinvt.rtf

“Rise to Globalism, American Foreign Policy Since 1938”: A Review of the Book by Stephen E. Ambrose
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A 5 page overview of the considerations presented in the first three chapters of this book by noted author Stephen E. Ambrose. The author of this paper describes Ambrose’s book as a concise review of American foreign since pre-World War 2 to the present. While most history books delve into the intricate details of the most overt aspects of American foreign policy, Ambrose’s book encompasses more events but fewer details. It is an excellent primer, however, on the full manifestations of American Foreign policy and our rather rapid ascent to globalism. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPglbAmb.rtf

“Social policies and human rights in Vietnam under Doi Moi”
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A ten page paper which looks at the way in which the doi moi policy of the late 1980s has affected social policy and human rights issues in Vietnam, with reference to the perspective of the Hanoi government, internal dissidents, and external commentators from countries such as the USA who have been directly involved in the economic as well as the social implications of doi moi. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: JLDoimoi.rtf

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A five page paper which looks at the various ways in which terrorism can be defined, and the difficulties inherent in arriving at a definition which can be applied in all situations, especially with regard to the use of violence in order to achieve political or ideological ends. Bibliography lists 5 sources
Filename: JLterror.rtf

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